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Airflow Monitoring


There are many things that can upset the air balance in a hatchery, some of which go unnoticed for years as they  only effect hatchabiity at certain times of the year or under certain load conditions


  • Random unexplained, well investigated variability in hatches often due to mid to late deaths in the incubator and hatchers.


  • Noticeable seasonal variation in hatches


  • Noticeable variation at different capactities and demands


  • Higher incidences of mushy chick during certain times of higher capacity

A few things to note:  

Some of the new generation hatching/incubaton machines, at times, have much higher demands for air than older ones, due to the adoption of more efficient variable fan speeds, controls and emergency ventilation systems.  Often these go un-noticed until the warmer season arrives and all machines are demanding higher volumes of air to cool

Any addition to rooms in the hatchery, be it a new machine or even a heater fan, can often upset the airflow balance of the incubation and hatching rooms.





We offer the following services relating to air flow:

One off air flow investigation & Recommendations

Annual or seasonal air flow monitoring

Installation of  monitoring/alerting devices

Air quality and air flow within hatcheries and incubators, is one of the environmental factors which has a huge impact on hatchability.  Yet is is possibly one of the most unmonitored and under-estimated!

Indicators of possible air flow problems: